Women Strong

Thursday, March 15, 2007

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Something for the women

Finally, we have something for the women which we all have been waiting for years! Wanna know what??
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The website http://www.womansavers.com focusses on free internet infidelity and adultery advice, monogamy statistics symptoms of cheating, and also states the basic reasons why men cheat or lie. I hope such websites are a great help to the women. Cheers!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Women Strong

Women who are strong are really very attractive. I do believe strong women is beautiful women. Have you ever seen a strong women lift and carry men ? I have seen that in my gymnasium. There was this guy who was challenging one of the women who had been training with weights since several months. He dared her to try heavier weights, and she replied why not try you instead of the weights? Man..she just took him by surprise and lifted and carried him with so ease around the room, he was just too shocked too say anything..It was amazing to see a woman lift and carry a man there.

It is a lesson to those who don't believe in women strength and think that women cannot lift or carry a man.

My friend like me too is obsessed with female muscles and showed me the las vegas 2b lift and carry which I liked much.
I have been searching for female lift and carry, lift and carry videos, female bodybuilders lift and carry, women female lift and carry and found a lot of pages in google about that. I thought I was only among few people with such lift and carry fantasy but I knew then that I was only one among several such people.

The first incidence of women female lift and carry that I saw was on tv in the wwe where I saw chyna female wresler lift and carry men with ease.

I would like to ask you people to share your opinion- what do you think about strong, muscular and athletic women and women who can lift and carry guys? Have yuou ever been lifted and carried by a female? Pls girls also share what do you think and is there any strong girl who wants to share what she thinks of this?

Pls share all your experiences, female lift and carry stories, female lift and carry pictures, gallery lift and carry , and lift and carry female wrestling if you know of any.

Thanks in advance, hope to listen from you people soon.

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